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 BUILDER (but lets make the title longer to comply with site rules!)

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Bad Raven


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PostSubject: BUILDER (but lets make the title longer to comply with site rules!)    Fri Feb 21, 2014 4:29 am

I have been playing with Builder.

Have loaded an existing v4 Creator generated Site I made into it and have been playing with functions. Not that impressed so far as not even rollover info has been put onto the function icons!!!  

EDIT:- a later session (with no update or mods) DID have rollover working (under Windows 7), which suggests the program is not that robust?

Height map alteration, one of the worst designed features of Creator, seems simply to have been ported in unchanged, VERY disappointing. What the sense is in having a square grid system but a ROUND height affecting tool escaped me then and still does now!!!

On Schemes, at the moment Builder seems not to be able to Import any .bmp or .jpg files from Creator generated schemes. I have a Support Query out on this.

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Bad Raven


Posts : 30
Join date : 2014-02-12

PostSubject: Re: BUILDER (but lets make the title longer to comply with site rules!)    Fri Feb 21, 2014 3:23 pm

OK, I'll firstly copy my question to Support here, and then relate their reply.


I'll be brief as poss as I realise you are probably swamped, so following will no doubt read
as blunt, but not intended to be rude, OK??   ;-)

I have now got my Schemes from v4 back up from backups I made, into v5, and
all working, after 5.0a deleting them.

So, how do I get these into Builder?  I wanted as a first trial to remap the
Hawk slightly as it is distorting the side graphics and the revised 2009
onwards RAF Red Arrows scheme I did way back is "low" and clipped by the wing.

Rather than distort the graphic, I was going to try to partially re-skin it.

Builder "Import" finds all my v4 and earlier schemes OK, lists them (.jpg
and .bmp), but won't actually import them, not that it tells the user
anything, just sits there with no message and no result!!!

Anything else (like trying to start a new scheme and then Import the .bmp to it) asks to
save existing work (none), then sits inactive.

I have loaded a Creator developed flying site via Import, so that at least does

Basically, EXACTLY how much of Builder is supposed to be working??????

REPLY (Can't call it an answer)

The Builder tool at the present time is not a 3D modelling or editing
package. It is designed to allow the user to import 3D geometry they have
created in a 3D modelling package (e.g. 3D Studio Max) and then add the
physical objects they need to turn this into a Phoenix flying model.

We do intend to eventually add actual 3D geometry editing tools, but this is
obviously a big step and will not be for some time.

The Scheme projects in the builder currently allow you to substitute any
texture in a model for a replacement you have created, and does the renaming
and exporting work for you. This said, we will be adding more functionality
to the Scheme projects in the very near future.

All I wanted to do at this stage was to reallocate a skin to an existing Phoenix model. So, does the reply get us any further than we already knew?
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BUILDER (but lets make the title longer to comply with site rules!)
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